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Tigray and ‘Let us Give Genocide a Chance’.

Oggi, 346 giorno dal’ inizio della guerra genocida in Tigray e giorno di un raid aereo nella periferia di Mekelle in giorno di mercato 3 civili uccisi e dozzina di feriti, mi arriva un messaggio da un mio contatto che pubblico e condivido in maniera integrale come l’ho ricevuto.

Today, 346 days since the beginning of the genocidal war in Tigray and the day of an air raid on the outskirts of Mekelle on market day 3 civilians killed and a dozen injured, a message arrives from a contact of mine that I publish and share in full as I received it.

Davide Tommasin

Carestia in Tigray indotta per scelte politiche e strategia bellica conseguenza della guerra genocida di nov. 2020 - morti silenziose di bambini ed adulti
Carestia in Tigray indotta per scelte politiche e strategia bellica conseguenza della guerra genocida di nov. 2020 – morti silenziose di bambini ed adulti

When one sees Eritrean government destroyed civilians and civilian targets in another country at will and unabated; when one sees Ethiopian leaders’ mega lies about everything Tigray; when one sees AU is unhelpful for African civilians in anyway; when the world endlessly expresses that they are ‘Concerned’ without much action on the ground which itself is concerning; when one sees some of the Security Council member countries are devoid of any humanity and try to gloss over famine and other deprivation induced genocide on Tigray by Eritrean, Ethiopian governments and Amhara forces; when one sees sizable sections of Ethiopian public passionately supports senseless damage on Tigray but only cry the alleged faults of Tigrayan forces and actually support what is happening in Tigray in all ways they can; when one sees some powerful countries and others do not take any concrete action – the executive summary comes down to something my friends told me the other day about the stand of some countries who want to favor Mr. Abiy’s genocide. Their approach is ‘let us give war a chance’. This in view of what is actually happening against Tigray people is ‘LET US GIVE GENOCIDE A CHANCE’. Period.

In the short run, this might favor the genocidal forces, yes. In the long run though, it speaks to not only to Tigray but also to all people in the world. The message is that “all international political order is either to exploit or damage you so fight and depend only on yourself’. International organizations and continental bodies can be ignored, manipulated or they are not really consequential to the life of people. These institutions are not worth their words or written visions for global human community. A small impoverished dictator can destroy humanity in his own side of the world without any interference in the name of national sovereignty. Even any armature despot can destroy all the civilization of people, encircle and suffocate this own people to death in purported dramas and cloud of lies!

UN or other bodies did not prevent any significant problems leading to genocide, any genocide itself, ethnic cleansing or other attacks. What happened in Rwanda and read the situation in Tigray in the same light and you will see UN then and now in condition of unhelpfulness in view of the looming reality. The powerful countries too cannot claim they are doing enough as it was the case then. Some even might be enabling the genocide through various means. The question begs, ‘what extent can nations be allowed to damage their own people?’ can the UN or any other body do anything about it? Do they care? These questions are for those who expect much from international bodies. It all depends on you, people. For Africans, it is time to understand the reality with enough clarity and prepare yourselves to take your own destiny in your own hands. Never think that AU or UN or some other country can protect you. Your national governments will likely oppress you to death if they can.

To the African brothers and sisters, watch out to the sections of people and politicians in your country who want to hypnotize you with archaic national unity as the most important thing in your country. No. National unity of any nation must not override the human dignity of citizens that country. National unity must not be used for oppression. People profile their fellow countrymen, they despise and deny them political, economic and all other rights and when these people want to govern themselves or refuse to be mere flock to be driven by the dominant group or leaders, to attack them, the oppressors invoke national unity and territorial question! Hate and ethnic cleansing of groups and still claim to be possessed by the love one’s ‘great’ country is not only stupid but widely shared crime. In case of Tigray, based on principle of self-determination, it has not only legal but natural right to govern itself. So, leaving it alone, meaning without blockading and depriving of basic needs is simple question of political maturity. However, in the name of sovereignty all the non-sense of war on Tigray by all actors will be unhelpful for the victims and perpetrators of violence. This war could have been avoided, stopped and mediated. To stop the war and start peace process, in the process saving lives, it is mandatory for international bodies to force the parties to stop the war and allow humanitarian aid. When it comes to the humanitarian aid to Tigray, by the way, it is amazing to see some people shouting for provision of humanitarian aid to Amhara and Afar but support blockade of aid to Tigray. Such is the moral content of some Ethiopian’s ‘love’ of their country. One can only pity for them.

Therefore, as man-made famine consumes children, mothers and communities in Tigray, by this very scenario, AU, UN, and all-powerful countries are becoming politically less significant. This situation draws a lesson to all people in the world. Any corrupt and dictatorial government literally can do what is wants, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, it means that all people must depend on themselves alone – in an advanced sense of the word. All people must be prepared to defend and sustain themselves; it implies. Global commitments through UN or AU or even religious and cultural commitments are not saving mass victimizations in Tigray and anywhere in any way.

As if genocide by famine is not enough, profiling and arresting of Tigrayans everywhere in Ethiopia is a continuous project by Ethiopian government supported by Eritrean Tigrigna speaking security personnel, and deprivation of medical supplies is tightly implemented on Tigray. The world is still merely ‘Concerned’.

Today, market day October 18th, 2021, the Ethiopian government has bombarded Mekelle market place and several other areas. The day is a market day when civilians gather in one area to sell and buy. It has always been the trend from Hailesilasie and Derg times till today that Erhiopia targets market places and days such as in Hawzein bombardment in 1998 and Togoga near Mekelle on June 22, 2021. It is to be remembered that England’s Royal Airforce at the request of King Hailesilassie bombed Mekelle and several other places in Tigray in 1943 (1) including Mekelle Market place like to day.

The world organizations particularly UN and other nations must stop this non-sense of prolonging food war on Tigray. Any delay of intervention amounts to ‘let us give genocide chance’. Sovereignty of countries should not be beyond the sovereignty and right to life of people, in this case Tigray people. Genocidal siege must be stopped by coordinated intervention. Genocide must not be given chance!

By Haile Michael.


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