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Religiously Dressed Conspiracy Against Tigray – WHY?

Mi arriva un messaggio da un mio contatto che pubblico e condivido in maniera integrale come l’ho ricevuto.

Today, a message arrives from a contact of mine that I publish and share in full as I received it.

Davide Tommasin

The Ethio-Eritrean pathetically archaic, devilish bad naming of anyone who challenges their acts is at a new low. In Ethiopia, religious institutions and leaders at various levels committed institutional moral suicide by siding with genocidal regime of Abiy. None could stand for peace and reconciliation. On the contrary, religious leaders from Eritrea, South Africa, Vatican, England proved true to their faith leadership values in relation to war on Tigray; while their Ethiopian counterparts sheepishly stood behind genocide. Some even went out of their way to mobilize support for and defend indefensible genocide leaders.

The only religious leaders calling for deployment of moral responsibility, calling for ceasefire, peace, access to humanitarian aid, and so forth are Tigray religious and inter-religious leaders. All of them! In particular, his Lordship Bishop Tesfaselassie Medhin, bishop of Catholic Church in Tigray made statement underlining the situation and what should happen. His calls and letters make waves across the world and reached at the doors of the Catholic world. His message was translated into various languages, circulated on newspapers and other platforms. This has likely, according to insiders, made the Ethiopian government and its die hard ally the Catholic Cardinal – Berhane Yesus Demirew, his cabal of priests who underground lobby in the country and globally to defend Abiy while blaming Tigrayans for everything. They party-politicized the Catholic Church in Ethiopia. However, in light of Catholic faith and its social demands, Abune Tesfaselassie of Tigray diocese spoke to the core of it more than anyone. That created potholes in the religious diplomacy of Ethiopia that Abiy government has been trying through foreign based Ethioian Orthodox Bishops and other Ethiopian religious leaders in the world. Now, to target the Catholic Church in Tigray, Abiy and his Addis Abeba based Catholic operatives want to discredit the Tigray Catholic Church with loaded intentions by means of progressive character assassination on the its leaders, particularly the influential Bishop Tesfaselassie Medhin. Remember that in the past months and weeks, there is arresting spree of Catholic priests, brothers, laity, sisters, and leaders in the whole of Ethiopia, leaders who work in various field and are from Tigray origins. So in all these, the Catholic Cardinal BirhaneYesus, government appointee of the practically defunct Peace and Reconciliation Commission, which was created for mere Abiy’s political cosmetics but not really meant to work for any peace and reconciliation. So note the good Cardinal has been in charge of this coning cosmetic firm.

When all these Catholics and others from Tigray background are being mass-arrested and place in deplorable concentration-like camps, God knows for what purpose, the Cardinal remained comfortably silent. The whole Cardinal of the Catholic Church! Overall, Ethiopian Catholic Church from high to low levels, has tacitly endorsed genocide, ethnic profiling, man-made famine, denial of humanitarian supplies on Tigray people. As a Church, it cooperated through being silent, indifferent, and sometimes supporting by denial of the problem, its magnitude and intentionally down scaling it. The intention has been to cover up the genocide on Tigray by hook or crook in ways of misrepresenting the situation in front of the global Catholic agencies and other partners. Even during their own in-country programs, prayer occasions sometimes it is raised in middle of the prayer or during other events, I am told. But even that, they do it in simplistic and generalist terms and not in up-to-the task terms; meant more to look as if they are praying about it, to save their faces in front of the people they lead. Overall, they have lukewarm public relations oriented sympathy with Tigray’s pain. Then, what is clear is the point of indirectly outsourced intentions among Abiy and Cardinal fans’ multi-pronged salvo ( on twitter against the Bishop of Catholic Church in Tigray?

  1. To find ways of blackmailing, defame the Catholic Church in Tigray and its leaders to the level of Birhaneysus so that the global Catholic Church sees them in the same light – all in the hope of damaging the credible Tigray Church leaders, damage their lives in the long run in various ways, if they can. The Abiy-Isyas-Ama-elite do not know freedom and its tenets where people exercise their voice, rights, and still live in peace.
  2. It is meant to confiscate the Adiss-Abeba based residence that belongs to the Catholic Church in Tigray. Further, it might include intention and prelude to destroy through bombing, the critical Catholic institutions which are irreplaceably vital social service centers in Tigray.
  3. The letter of Bishop Tesfaselassie Medhin which made rounds in the global Catholic family last weeks – has left the Cardinal and his operatives, Ethiopian and Eritrean governments bare-naked and exposed for what they are. Therefore, through concocted stories and cheap conspiracy lies, they have hit the road to reduce the Tigray Catholic leaders to the level of the Ethiopian Catholic leaders in terms of their partiality. So that the world may say, “not only Birhaneyesus is pro-Abiy but Tigray Catholic Church is also TPLF’s home”.
  4. Lately the Ethiopian government together with its genocidal agents has arrested several Catholic religious’ leaders and laity just because they are Tigrayans; because there is no other reason why one can arrest all these people all of a sudden except ethnic targeting – probably with intention of weakening the society or exterminating them.
  5. One way to keep Tigray weak, destroyed and broken is understood to be – targeting of institutions and leaders who might play significant role in the region’s revival. The Catholic Church in Tigray is one such institution given its worldwide partnership, social values, teachings, its well accepted number of social amenity institutions in the region. Therefore, one way of prohibiting the world humanitarian and other partners from working with the Church is through spreading such alarmist lies and slowly scaring partners from working with the Catholic Church in Tigray. Based on this homemade rumors, the government will probably advise and scare away the international partners from working with the Church.

All Tigray religious leaders from all religions have been calling for stopping of invasions on Tigray from day one. They made calls to stop the war, called for peace, and unhindered humanitarian access time and again. Most of Ethiopian side religious leaders, on the contrary, have been not calling for any humanitarian access to Tigray, stopping of genocide, or even never called for the departure of Eritrean invading forces from Tigray, minimum decency one could expect of them. Some religious leaders from the Orthodox Tewahido Church both in diaspora and at home have gone to the extent of calling for war to continue and elimination of ‘them’ meant Tigrayans. Analogically, the role played by religious leaders is moral north and moral south. The northern regions of Tigray acted as a moral compass -NORTH while the opposite behave the way they did.

I think all these denials and promotions of genocide on Tigray by means of famine, destruction of its regional, individual and companies’ economies is part and parcel of long-term emaciation of Tigrayans as people – as I have repeated stated in my various other pieces. Not only that, its physical and territorial existence is planned to be mutilated by Eritrea, Amhara elite, and Abiy so that – it is destroyed once and for all – in the name of keeping Ethiopia as one and united – purportedly ‘responding to people’s requests’ ‘ensuring the rule of law’ ‘defending Africa’ and so on. Abiy wants to canonize himself upon genocide! All sham and shame! That is why it can be safely concluded that – everything being done by those alliances on Tigray is meant to achieve total and complete annihilation of Tigray and Tigrayans – indomitable historical heavy weights that gave Ethiopia a historical character! Remember Daniel Kibret had alluded to it earlier, and emphatically at that – ‘wipe them out of not only the face of the earth but of human memory’. Mr.Daniel, apparently, dreams to be remembered as a prophet, who later became ceremonial president of Ethiopia – that is where insiders have it, his heart is. Luckily their dream is dead on arrival!

Mr. Gedda Komma

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